Tiger Star M1 New Update Firmware Receiver

Tiger Star M1  New Update Firmware Receiver

Tiger Star M1 Pro Receiver Option updates the latest Tiger Star satellite dish SW receiver. Decoder from Tiger Star might be familiar to some satellite dish receiver users in Asia. On the Receiver Option web, there are already quite a lot of series receivers from Tiger Star that are reviewed. Now this time we will add more Tiger Star receiver reviews by choosing Tiger Star M1 Pro.

Tiger Star M1 Pro receiver is a parabolic decoder that uses the Montage CS8001T chipset. One of the chipsets that are now more widely used besides Guo Xin. So don’t be surprised that receivers with these chipsets often come out of their firmware, unfortunately, this will be accompanied by the loss of other series such as Montage CS8001S. Just like when Montage CS8001 appeared CS6001 was increasingly missing and now you can say there are no more updates.

Download Software Tiger Star M1 New Update Firmware Receiver

In Asia, there are not many Montage CS8001T chipsets. Maybe because of the many outstanding special receivers. It’s just that it’s already getting out there, especially the DVBS2X series with the T2Mi feature, meaning that the era will shift back. For Indonesia, it is possible that the new Skybox A1 Plus uses this same and identical chipset type. For Skybox A1 Combo because there is no receiver sample so it really can’t be checked.

Here the Receivers Option will provide a download link for the latest Tiger Star M1  software. For those who want to upgrade the Tiger Star M1 software or use the firmware for other receivers, don’t forget to check first, don’t use corrupt firmware. For those who need Tiger Star M1 firmware, please download from the following link

Download Firmware Tiger Star M1 Pro

Receiver        Information
HW Version HSB133
HW Version    HSB151-8001-01(B)
IC Mode  CS8001T
Chipset WiFi       5370, 7601, 8188
SW Version      1BA.0.00006
Update                 Dec 11 2019 10:56:12
Code        0000, 9878, 2828, 7676, 2234 
Size  8MB
Software   Download
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