GX6605s F1,F2 Hw203.00.015 Hd Receiver New Software

 GX6605s F1, F2 Hw203.00.015 Hd Receiver New Software

The Receiver Option updated the latest Hw203.00.015 Hd Receiver firmware. The parabolic receiver from GX6605s  might not have been seen yet, but for the firmware, it must be familiar to some parabolic decoder users in Asia. Receiver Option has also reviewed a lot of Starsat, StarTrack, Echolink, Starsat, receiver software from ALI, National Chip for the others because there is not yet as identical as in Asia.

Previously, the Indonesian Satellite had also made a post about the GX6605s Starsat software, namely for the CA GX6005S F1 F2 model and the  Hw203.00.015 Hd ReceiverThis time, Receive Option will collect  gx6605s using the U38 user interface, usually using U26 UI like CA and Pro models.

Gx6605s F1, F2 Hw203.00.015 Hd Receiver New Software

Download Software gx6605s firmware  Gx6605s HW203.00.015 Hd Receiver

On this page, the Receiver option will provide the latest download link SW Starsat gx6605s U26. In Asia, there are already many receivers that use the NationalChip GX6605S chipset. For those who want to upgrade  Gx6605s Hw203.00.015 Hd Receiver especially those who want to use it in other receivers, be careful not to download corrupt. For those who need, please download the firmware gx6605s  from the following link

Gx6605s F1, F2 Hw203.00.015 Hd Receiver New Software

All GX6605S  LATEST SOFTWARE  Gx6605s Hw203.00.015 Hd Receiver

ABOUT Information
Product Name   ME200001
Hardware Version   HW203.00.015 HD
Size 4MB
Master Code 0000, 6666, 8765,8888
Chipset Wifi MT7601, RT5370
Software Version V7971
Software Date Sep 14, 2020
Software Time 09:41:50

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