mx player cable tv software free download

media xpertz

MX player cable tv software free download

Media Xpertz (Mx Player) Catv Player Media Xpertz (Mx Player) has created the complete software for using Catv Cable Network Channel. It is very easy to use the device to use this software. The P3 Computer Witch Internal VGA Out Put Card system is required to use this software. According to the subscriber need, there is data for the Catv cable. (For example)
  • Use easily to play the song 
  •  You can choose to go into Paly Movies Absolutely
  •   Show the logo on the right. (File Swift)
  •  Show the Left logo. (File Swift) 
  •  Form L right 6. Form L left 
  •  Lover Mater 
  •  You can choose to listen to your favorite song with your name 
  •  From and To choice Name 
  •  Start Song Show Paly Name 
  •  Show Play Movies Name On Song Play 
  •  Shows the upper and lower borders
MX player is the most reliable CATV program in Pakistan, which is used by more than 10000 cable operators throughout Pakistan. The function provided in this software will never be found in other competitive programs. Customer satisfaction is our first and foremost priority. This is why a large number of customers use this product with ease and comfort. Its interface is too user-friendly. Because most of the cable operators in Pakistan are not well educated. So, in making this software, it was our first job to make it as simple as possible.

Operating System Requirements Media xpertz

Window XP Service Pack 3 is best for Media Xpertz Player /MX Player I am Providing the link Download This Operating System Write and On CD /DVD disk and Install Operating System On Pc and also We Provide You 321 Player for Window XP this Player You Help to Play HD Video and also Next Track Play smoothly  working

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